Netball Equipment

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50 Cones on Stand - Impakt

Impakt Lampshade Cones - 50 on a stand Soft and safe to stand on. 20cm (8 inch) diameter. Supplied on handy carry handle. Set of 50 - 10 orange, green, white, blue and yellow
Field Set Up

Training Cones 9 Inch - Impakt

Affordable 9" colour cones. Great for speed training, and rugby practice drills. 9" for easy visibility Bright color options Lightweight and stackable Numbered 0 - 9
Training Equipment

Lay Flat Speed Ladder - Impakt

Very popular quick feet training aid for speed and agility. The flat rungs reduce the likelihood of tangle during a drill 6 meters long per section - can be joined together  Includes waterproof carry bag
Training Equipment

Adjustable Speed Hurdles - Impakt

Develops correct running technique and power  Adjustable height to suit the athletes purpose Made from durable PVC
Field Set Up

Portable, Adjustable Netball Goal

Strong, aluminium design Adjustable from 2.44m - 3.05m Weighted base and wheels Includes strong PP net 5 year warranty
Strong aluminium design Includes ground socket/sleeve Easily removed and stored indoors Includes strong PP net 5 year warranty Adjustable height range 2.44m - 3.05m
Field Set Up

Netball Nets

Economy Heavy Duty International
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