027 - Latex Rubber Strength Band - X-Light - Fitness - Impakt
027 - Latex Rubber Strength Band - X-Light - Fitness - Impakt
027 - Latex Rubber Strength Band - X-Light - Fitness - Impakt
027 - Latex Rubber Strength Band - X-Light - Fitness - Impakt

Latex Rubber Strength Band - X-Light

GST included
  • A Perfect low cost conditioning tool
  • For either indoor / outdoor use
  • The latex rubber provides resistance from strength exercises to power and speed conditioning
  • The range of width provides a band that will suit your needs
  • As strength increases simply move to a wider band
  • Sold individually or better still purchase the set to cover a range of exercises


You'll never have that look again: Impakt latex rubber bands are designed for both therapeutic use and light exercise--and we're not just talking about those last few pounds on your arms. Simply slip one onto the particular muscle group where it will most affect you (think bicep or back) and go about your day as though nothing's changed! You might even feel like you've actually done something by Friday evening--especially if desk comfort has been an issue lately.

Do you need a good workout? Give our Latex Rubber Strength Band a shot, and never break the sweat again! More active than jogging or running, band resistance exercises can be done anytime and anywhere. You’ll love this for:

- Weight Control: Powerful muscles in your body and lower back fight fat and weight gain

- Overall Wellness: Thick bands allow you to bend, stretch, twist, turn spine twists etc., which stimulates your entire nervous system resulting in better circulation to virtually every cell in the body. Get off that couch!

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